Instant access to medical lab testing sites and specialists.

Our compliant and convenient platform connects patients and providers with collection sites and services.

We are revolutionizing access to basic and specialty medical testing by connecting labs, patients and employers with skilled labor to perform lab collections.

Increasing access to testing by connecting those who need it with those who supply it. We believe that Better Access means Better Outcomes.

Our easy-to-use platform benefits both facilities and patients by giving all parties the ability to find, schedule, and organize desired clinical testing.

For Professionals – MOMS is has built its MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ network of brick-and-mortar facilities that have the skilled labor in place to perform specimen collections nationwide. Facilities interested in growing their volume and foot traffic can join the MAP network here. MAPs serve as collection sites for the labs on our Lab/Client network.

For Patients and Providers – MOMS enables users to schedule specimen collections in a few simple steps. By entering the required test and zip code, users can choose a facility in their community, and schedule the draw.

Nurse and patient