Connecting Labs with Labor.

MOMS is an innovative platform empowering labs and other clients to connect with MAPs: Medical Access Points/Providers™ that have the skilled labor needed to perform compliant and convenient specimen collections.

Comprised of three portals (Lab/Client, MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™, and Patient), MOMS increases access to testing by connecting those who need it with those who supply it.

#BetterAccess ➡️ #BetterOutcomes

Better Access for You, Better Healthcare for All.

Over 70% of all medical decisions are based on a lab result, but accessing the labor required to perform the necessary collection for the test you need can be a challenge. MOMS is shifting the existing paradigm of specialized testing to a new model that empowers both parties and makes healthcare more accessible.

MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ Network – We have built a national network of both brick-and-mortar (MAPs: Medical Access Points™) and mobile phlebotomy (MAPs: Medical Access Providers™) solutions with the labor in place to perform specimen collections for patients with a test kit from a MOMS Lab/Client.

Labs/Clients – The MOMS Lab/Client network includes independent labs with unique testing for a variety of specialties, including Women’s Health, advanced cardiometabolic testing, genetics and more. Patients with a lab order or kit from a MOMS partner Lab/Client can schedule their required collection at a MAP convenient to them.

Nurse and patient