How Clinical Labs Can Access Skilled Labor and Expand Specialty Testing

Competition and cost containment pressure remain major challenges for clinical laboratories. Labor costs are the biggest line item on a clinical lab’s budget, with some estimates placing them at 60-70% of the total expense budget. 

But finding the skilled labor necessary to collect specimens can be an arduous endeavor. MOMS simplifies the process by connecting labs with compliant, convenient, and quality process-driven solutions. Our network provides access to specimen collection, processing, and preparation for shipping at locations around the country. 

We have both a growing network of labs, and MAP: Medical Access Points™ currently comprises 160 active locations in 20 out of the top 25 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), and 35 of the top 50. We continue to add more MAPs and anticipate major growth and coverage by the end of the year. Our vast network connects patients, labs, and labor, increasing access to tests and improving results for everyone involved. 

“We are excited to continue to form strategic relationships that help all parties involved in the lab testing ecosystem become more effective because with over 70% of all medical decisions being made based upon a lab result, having a more effective solution to connect all the components will benefit everyone involved,” said Brad Seybert, Founder of MOMS. 

Accessing Specialty Testing

Demand for specialty tests is on the rise. Gateway Genomics, a genetic testing company, and MOMS partner offers SneakPeek Early Gender DNA testing, which has become increasingly popular. For those who do not wish to wait until the 20-week ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby, Gateway provides an option for an earlier reveal. The company has leveraged the MOMS network to connect with MAPs, who can add the test to their offerings and help get the word out to potential patients. 

Similarly, demand for functional and preventive testing has increased in recent years as people wish to take more control over their health. Labs that are looking for access to labor to keep up with the rise in testing volume can find a vast network with MOMS. 

Compliance is Key

Navigating healthcare compliance regulations is absolutely critical when seeking labor to collect and analyze specimens. Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act (EKRA) are three major regulations that labs must follow or risk penalties of noncompliance. MOMS provides clinical labs with access to a network of skilled, and equally as important, compliant labor to help with collection and processing. 

Learn more about how the MOMS network can help your clinical lab remain competitive in challenging market conditions by simplifying access to testing. 

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