How Much Does It Cost to Join the MAPs Network?

My One Medical Source is building a national network of Medical Access Points (MAPs) that connects patients and clinical labs with phlebotomy collection sites and skilled labor. These MAPs include urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities that have the ability to collect, process, store, and ship lab specimens onsite.

There are many benefits to joining the MAPs network, from increased foot traffic and revenue to better utilization of existing labor. But with increasingly competitive markets and rising costs of business, many healthcare facilities have one big question on their minds: how much does it cost to join the MAPs platform? 

Joining the Network is FREE for MAPs

MAPs are the foundation of MOMS services and solutions. Without these facilities, we would not be able to connect patients with the specialized testing they need, or match clinical labs with the skilled labor they require to perform tests.

That’s why our pricing model includes free membership for urgent care centers and other specimen-collection sites. Here’s how it works:

  1. MAPs join the network for FREE.
  2. When a lab order comes in, MOMS will compile specimen collection instructions from the lab and send them to your facility.
  3. Your skilled labor will complete the specimen collection onsite at your facility, and process/store/ship the sample as instructed by the lab.
  4. MOMS will invoice the lab through the secure platform.
  5. MOMS will process payment from the lab and distribute payment to your facility, less a small processing fee ($2.50/draw). 

It’s that easy; simply by joining the network, your facility will be promoted to labs and patients looking for phlebotomy services in your local area. You already have the skilled labor at your disposal—why not earn more revenue by utilizing that existing resource more efficiently?

Other Platform Benefits for MAPs

In addition to the opportunity to promote your services, increase patient foot traffic, and earn more revenue, MAPs on the network will also receive other exclusive benefits, including:

  • Additional promotion in MOMS e-newsletters, press releases, and on the MOMS website (for Founding MAPs)
  • Generate activity reports for external or internal use in the secure MAPs portal
  • Option to be included in future MOMS development council sessions
  • Marketing materials to promote your involvement on the MOMS platform

Learn more about joining the MAPs network and sign up now.