For Patients: Lab Testing and More

Convenience that saves time and effort

Within your city or local area, there exists an expansive network of medical facilities, laboratories, physicians and providers. So why is it so difficult to find the exact medical services and products you need, right when you need them?

The answer is simple: access to these commonly needed medical professionals has not been aggregated into a user-friendly offering – until now. Our user-friendly platform quickly connects to the specified testing services, locations and time frames.


Doctor reassuring patient

Your Health, In Your Hands

When a health problem arises, it’s rare to only need access to a single medical provider. Finding the right primary care physician, specialists, pharmacists, and laboratories to meet your wellness needs can be a daunting process – but you don’t need to do it alone.

MOMS empowers patients by quickly connecting them with the medical experts and services they need. We make it easier to access the healthiest version of yourself.