MOMS Patient Journey FAQ2021-12-06T16:51:18-05:00

MOMS Patient Journey FAQ

Can I order testing through the MOMS platform?2021-12-06T16:52:47-05:00

At this time, we are a solution to help patients who have an order from a MOMS lab or client to access a MAP that they’ve connected with to perform the needed collection in a quality process-driven manner.

Can I go to a MAP to order testing?2021-12-06T16:53:22-05:00

Not at this time. You will only go to a MAP if you have scheduled an appointment for a collection from one of our partner labs.

How do I get my results?2021-12-06T16:54:11-05:00

MOMS does not deliver any results. That is dependent upon the origination of the order.

There are no MAPs within a 30-mile radius of my zip code. What do I do?2022-02-24T15:22:35-05:00

In the event that there are no MAPs in your radius, we have a mobile phlebotomy directory for you to access if desired. As the MOMS MAP network grows, we anticipate this being a rarer occurrence.

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