We make it easier to access the healthiest version of yourself.

MOMS is revolutionizing access to specialized medical testing by connecting patients with physicians, lab facilities and phlebotomists. Optimal health has never been more convenient.

About MOMS

My One Medical Source (MOMS) is your go-to resource for all of your basic healthcare related needs. We are shifting the existing paradigm of specialized testing for patients and providers to a new model that empowers both parties and makes healthcare more accessible.

Who We Serve

Our on-demand network of Medical Access Points makes it easier for both patients and healthcare providers to access the lab tests and services they need:

  • Patients: We empower patients by connecting them with the skilled medical labor, facilities, resources, and tests they need, when they need them.
  • Providers: We enable physicians, labs, and other medical facilities to schedule flexible, specialized testing performed by skilled lab workers.

Meet Our Founder

MOMS was founded by Brad Seybert, a strategic business development specialist located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He currently serves as the President of Seybert Strategic Advisors.

Throughout his career, Brad has used his passion for strategic planning, sales, and marketing to develop and grow a number of startup organizations. Building strategic relationships and taking a customer-focused approach to business have long been the cornerstones of Brad’s business development model.

This passion for discovering innovative, people-centric solutions to age-old problems is what inspired Brad to found and develop MOMS.

Partners and Memberships