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NeoGenomics is a premier cancer diagnostic, pharma services, and information services company, helping patients get the right testing for their cancer and helping in the pursuit of providing better futures for people living with cancer. NeoGenomics Laboratories has been serving patients for over 18 years, developing and delivering laboratory diagnostic and clinical trial services with a focus on cancer.

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Billion To One is a precision diagnostics company that quantifies biology to create powerful molecular diagnostics. Billion To One work to improve disease detection by counting molecules with their proprietary molecular counting platform. Billion To One place patients at the forefront of everything Billion To One does. Billion To One are currently applying our proprietary technology to non-invasive prenatal screening and liquid biopsy.

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Boston Heart offers novel diagnostics that drive reports with color coded test results, interpretations and clinical treatment considerations that help characterize risk, develop insight and communicate more reflectively with patients. Boston Heart’s diagnostic report communicates test results into actionable, individualized and easy-to-understand steps which improves patient engagement, health literacy and adherence to treatment plans.

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OneTest is a cutting-edge Multi-cancer Early Detection (MCED) test dedicated to aiding in the early detection of cancer. Since 2017, 2020 GeneSystems has been specializing in cancer screening that helps identify cancer in its early stages using tumor biomarkers. Their proprietary technology, OneTest, employs a patented cancer screening approach developed using machine-learning software and real-world cancer studies from around the world.

Smart Health Diagnostics Company™ develops precision diagnostics that address unmet clinical needs in vascular, metabolic, and oncological diseases. They assess physical wellbeing and detect problems with accurate and actionable lab results. Smart Health is a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab with clinically-validated tests. SmartVascular Dx™ (formerly PULS) helps determine the potential risk of heart attacks and strokes for patients up to five years out of the potential event. SmartHealth Dx testing is performed by MorningStar Laboratories.

Galaxy Diagnostics offers more advanced direct detection for vector-borne infections linked to chronic illness, including the first antigen test for Lyme disease (Borrelia sp) and the most sensitive DNA testing for cat scratch disease (Bartonella spp). Powered by revolutionary sample enrichment technologies for elusive flea and tick borne pathogens, the Lyme Borrelia Nanotrap® Urine Test and the Bartonella Digital ePCR Test confirm cases missed by conventional antibody testing.

Sarana Health delivers an integrated, whole-body care and wellness program based on advanced testing, and proven science. Please visit to learn more about their Early Adopters program.

Naveris Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company developing and commercializing novel blood and saliva tests to enhance the early detection and management of viral-associated cancers. The company’s NavDx® blood test, which uses proprietary technology to detect tumor tissue modified viral (TTMV®)-HPV DNA, is in use at leading cancer treatment centers and academic medical centers throughout the United States.

Breakthrough Genomics is a leader in the clinical interpretation of genomic data. The company has developed two proprietary AI-powered bioinformatic platforms and provides a range of tests for rare disease diagnosis and early cancer detection. Breakthrough Genomics also operates a CAP and CLIA-certified advanced clinical laboratory in Southern California where its team of scientists work to refine and develop new life-saving technologies.

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Laboratories are the unsung hero of patient care. You need a lab partner with a thorough understanding of your lab’s unique needs, and the ability to meet them. Medline is that partner.

With their comprehensive lab offering, long-term relationships and system-wide infrastructure, Medline helps facilitate better collaboration between lab and supply chain. More than a lab supplier, the Medline team will help bridge the gap to optimize your lab’s performance and meet your needs.

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