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Logo for New Genomics

NeoGenomics is a premier cancer diagnostic, pharma services, and information services company, helping patients get the right testing for their cancer and helping in the pursuit of providing better futures for people living with cancer. NeoGenomics Laboratories has been serving patients for over 18 years, developing and delivering laboratory diagnostic and clinical trial services with a focus on cancer.

Billion To One Logo

Billion To One is a precision diagnostics company that quantifies biology to create powerful molecular diagnostics. Billion To One work to improve disease detection by counting molecules with their proprietary molecular counting platform. Billion To One place patients at the forefront of everything Billion To One does. Billion To One are currently applying our proprietary technology to non-invasive prenatal screening and liquid biopsy.

Boston Heart Logo

Boston Heart offers novel diagnostics that drive reports with color coded test results, interpretations and clinical treatment considerations that help characterize risk, develop insight and communicate more reflectively with patients. Boston Heart’s diagnostic report communicates test results into actionable, individualized and easy-to-understand steps which improves patient engagement, health literacy and adherence to treatment plans.

Smart Health Logo

Smart Health Diagnostics Company™ develops precision diagnostics that address unmet clinical needs in vascular, metabolic, and oncological diseases. We assess physical wellbeing and detect problems with accurate and actionable lab results. We are CLIA-Certified and CAP Accredited with Clinically-Validated Tests. SmartVascular Dx™ (formerly PULS) helps determine the potential risk of heart attacks and strokes up to five years out for a patient. SmartHealth Dx testing is performed by MorningStar laboratories.

BeScreened™ has developed a non-invasive blood test that can detect early signs of colon cancer, providing a more convenient and accessible option for individuals who are unable or unwilling to undergo traditional colonoscopy or fecal-based screening. By transforming access to this critical screening, BeScreened™ is making it easier for people to detect and treat colon cancer in its early stages, which can greatly improve survival rates and reduce the need for invasive procedures.

MOMS In The News

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