MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™

The connection between Labs and Labor.

Ready to earn new revenue on existing labor and services? Become part of the MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ network today!

We have created the MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ network to serve as collection solutions for the Labs/Clients on the MOMS platform.

MAPs play a crucial role in the testing process, serving as the specimen collection point, or Phase 2 of the MOMS journey.

Brick-and-mortar facilities with the necessary skilled labor to perform specimen collections are called MAPs: Medical Access Points™. MAPs can join MOMS for no cost and connect with the Labs/Clients on the MOMS network to serve as draw sites for patients within the community that have a test kit.

There is no insurance involved, no generating results, and no need to invoice the lab(s) for draws performed. All of these back-office, administrative tasks are automated through the MOMS platform. Simply put, if your MAP performs a draw for a MOMS patient, you get paid for performing a service your facility already provides and your existing labor.

With MOMS, you will get paid more quickly than you would if you were to perform a collection and invoice the lab. All in a compliant, convenient platform that you can join for no cost. As a MAP, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a go-to resource for medical needs within your community and can promote your other services to a new stream of potential patients.

We understand that sometimes it is not possible for a patient to go to a clinic for a blood draw. As such, we’ve introduced MAP: Medical Access Providers™ as an alternative solution for those patients desiring a mobile specimen collection. Both brick-and-mortar and mobile collection solutions can join the MAP network as a way to automate and optimize their workflow and generate new business opportunities.

To see how the MAP network and MOMS works for your organization, schedule a demo below.

Doctor preparing patient for an injection