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Did you know there are 13,000,000,000 blood tests performed each year? Our goal is to conveniently connect facilities, skilled labor, and patients. If you have a facility that provides phlebotomy services and are seeking more opportunities to perform your services, join the MAP: Medical Access Point™/Provider network today.

As part of the MOMS network, you will have the ability to connect with labs, patients, employers and clients in need of the skilled labor who can collect specimens needed for testing.

Gain access to more collection opportunities, increase your earnings, and increase foot traffic to your facility as part of the MOMS MAP network. There is no cost to become a MAP and the onboarding process can be completed in just a few minutes.

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The Power of Our MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ Network

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Our network:

  1. Connects labs, patients, employers, and clients needing testing with the skilled labor to perform required collection.
  2. Provides physicians with greater access to more clinical testing.
  3. Provides patients with more convenience and options to have their clinical lab testing collected and performed.

Access to the skilled medical labor in the MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ network across the country allows for the required professional services such as:

  • Phlebotomy and other lab collection procedures.
  • Processing and handling of specimens.
  • Proper preparation and shipping of specimens.

For Patients who have a lab order or kit from their provider or self-directed, they will enter their zip code to find the most convenient location(s) and schedule a time to have their collection performed, processed, and prepared for shipping to the appointed laboratory for resulting.

Optimal health has never been more convenient.