The MOMS Patient Journey

Find a Collection Solution Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Access to commonly needed medical services has not been aggregated into a user-friendly offering – until now. With coverage in all 50 states, finding a collection solution in the MAP: Medical Access Point/Provider™ network has never been more easy and convenient.

Once a patient has a lab order and/or test kit from the respective lab, they can simply enter their zip code to see both MAP: Medical Access Point™ (brick-and-mortar) and MAP: Medical Access Provider™ (mobile phlebotomy) collection options near them. Simply schedule your collection on the MOMS Patient Portal and receive specific preparation instructions provided by the lab. Bring your test kit to the collection, and once complete, your results will be provided via the lab or ordering provider.

There is no need to pay for the collection at the time of service. If you are responsible for the draw fee, this information will display at each MAP in your area during the scheduling process. Credit card information is entered at the time of scheduling, and not charged until the draw has successfully been performed.

The Patient Journey