For Clinical or Diagnostic Testing Labs

Addressing specimen collection needs

Are your current growth objectives being achieved? Is your sales team frustrated by gaining commitment to have providers order your testing, but aren’t able to draw in their office? With turnover issues concerning all facets of business, and sales numbers usually the catalyst for generating profits, are you doing everything you can to help your sales team succeed?

According to research, a lab is typically investing on average, approximately $96,000 in annual compensation for a sales representative. As a company, you provide tools to help increase efficiency and effectiveness such as a CRM, expense management software, cell phone reimbursement, etc. But what tools are you providing to help actually increase the opportunity to allow for your sales team to secure the needed specimens that make your business what it was created to provide?

Sales productivity is measured by combining efficiency and effectiveness; Efficiency + Effectiveness = Sales Productivity.

Labs also need to contend with keeping the sales process compliant. Tracking and maintaining a compliant sales process can be a burden in and of itself.

My One Medical Source® (MOMS) was designed to help increase access for your lab to reach the needed skilled labor to provide the proper specimen collection and allow for your lab to receive the specimens prepared for you to generate results. By building a growing network of MAP: Medical Access Points™ and Medical Access Providers™ that labs can connect with to form a relationship that meets the needs for compliance while providing convenient access and the exact collection requirements you control, MOMS is a resource designed to help labs grow.

Are you prepared to optimize your lab’s productivity? MOMS is here to help you achieve your growth objectives while increasing your efficiencies and effectiveness at the most important phase of your business, the specimen collection. Carefully collecting, processing and preparing specimens requires skilled labor—yet, maintaining the labor pool can be a major financial and administrative burden. MOMS provides access to a network of skilled labor to address your collection needs. Without specimens to generate a result, how will you continue to generate revenue?

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