Medical Access Points to Offer COVID-19 Testing

As we look forward to launching our network of Medical Access Points (MAPs), we are also working behind the scenes to confirm which locations will be offering COVID-19 testing.

Lack of access to testing has remained one of the biggest hot-button issues throughout this pandemic. Government officials have emphasized that they are working to secure adequate testing for their states, while many patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms have reported being turned away at clinics and drive-thru testing centers.

Currently, the United States is completing an average of nearly 248,000 tests daily. But is this enough to paint an accurate picture? Experts think not; Harvard’s Global Health Institute recently proposed that the U.S. should be completing more than 900,000 tests per day.

Just nine states have met or exceeded their COVID-19 testing minimums estimated by Harvard: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Other states—including Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas—have a long way to go before meeting their minimum testing targets.

Of course, this demand will place a significant strain on hospitals, urgent care centers, and other healthcare facilities who are already struggling to keep up with the rate of testing.

COVID-19 Testing at Our MAPs Locations

We are working to build a network of skilled medical labor that can help accommodate this massive demand for testing across the United States. Our network will consist of MAPs and skilled workers that can perform the needed specimen collection, processing, and shipping services for COVID-19 testing.

Following the initial launch of the MAPs network, patients will need to possess either 1) a lab order or 2) a test kit in order to have their sample collected for testing. During these early stages, it will not be possible for patients to order specific testing (including COVID-19) through MOMS without one of these two items; over time, this feature will become available.

One MAP that has already confirmed its COVID-19 testing availability is Lakewood Urgent Care in Cleveland, Ohio. This facility is offering two different tests: one through Quest Diagnostics and one through Medarbor Diagnostics. Both options are molecular nasal swab tests. Lakewood Urgent Care is also offering COVID-19 antibody testing with no patient obligation according to the CARES act.

Other labs that MOMS will be adding to the network include:

  • Functional Labs: tests and panels focused on prevention, metabolic function, nutrition, hormonal, genetic, gastrointestinal, immune, detoxification
  • Allergy Labs
  • Specialty Labs: cardiovascular, inflammation, cancer markers, molecular diagnostics, women’s health, men’s health, kidney function, liver function, immunodiagnostics, oncology, diabetes care, immunology

As our nation navigates the COVID-19 pandemic and prepares for the possibility of a second wave of outbreaks in the fall and winter, we will continue to update our network with MAPs that have COVID-19 testing capabilities.

Keep an eye out for more updates from MOMS as we prepare to launch our MAPs network.

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