3 Ways to Increase Urgent Care Revenue

The urgent care industry is on the rise, but so is the cost of doing business. As the market becomes more competitive and rents, utilities, taxes, wages, and traditional marketing costs increase, how can urgent care centers continue to turn a profit?

Improving the profitability of any healthcare facility begins with boosting revenue. Discover three strategies urgent care centers can leverage to increase their revenue.

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1. Improve Service Offerings

Due to the nature of urgent care centers, patients tend to walk in or schedule appointments when they need something specific, and they need it right away. A yearly check-up or mild health concern isn’t an immediate need, so patients are happy to wait a few weeks for an appointment with their primary care provider.

But when patients need an STD or pregnancy test, a drug screening for a job, or bloodwork to ensure their new medication is working as intended, they are going to turn to the provider who can give them what they need the fastest.

By offering a greater variety of services, you can attract more patients seeking specialized lab testing and other healthcare services. As your service offerings grow and expand, your revenue will increase as well.

3 Ways for Urgent Cares to Improve the Patient Experience

2. Embrace Technology

We live in a digital age, and for many people, technology is closely linked with convenience. When given the choice, most patients would rather visit an urgent care center that offers tech-forward solutions such as online appointment scheduling, online check-in, online bill pay, and text confirmations.

By providing more ways for patients to interact and engage with your facility, you can make your urgent care center more accessible and boost patient satisfaction. This alone gives you a competitive edge over urgent cares who are behind on the latest technologies. 

Additionally, your staff will spend less time answering phone calls and checking in patients, and more time attending to other important tasks.

3. Market Yourself Online

When a patient has an urgent medical need, they will head directly to the facility that is closest to them…or will they? While this may be true in the direst of situations, the reality is that most patients will do some level of online research before heading to an urgent care center—and what they find has the power to influence which facility they choose to visit.

Which centers offer the specialized services they need? What are the overall ratings of nearby urgent cares? How do online reviews compare? Do the facilities appear clean and modern?

These are all questions that patients are likely to consider before visiting an urgent care center. By making your center easy to find online and ensuring that you have a sparkling clean reputation, you can help your facility stand out among the competition.

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