MAP Network: Sending and Approving Connection Requests

In order to perform specimen collections for the labs on the MOMS platform, your facility must connect with them on the MOMS platform. You can see the labs with which you are currently connected and those with which you can request in the Labs menu of your portal. To add a new lab, simply click “ADD LAB.” Keep in mind, a lab can also send you a connection request.

When you send a connection request to a lab, it will receive email notification of the request (screenshot below), as well as a notification on the platform.

The admin from the lab will view the request by clicking the button in the email which redirects them to their portal. Once on the lab portal, the admin will see the following:

The lab will either deny the request or mark it as in review. Depending upon the lab’s coverage needs, it might not immediately connect with you if their market needs are only in specific markets. The lab will receive your request to add, but if their plan is only for five markets, it might take some time for them to expand their coverage needs. Once marked as in review, you will receive an email notification that the request is now being reviewed. The lab will then finalize its connection request to add your facility to its MOMS network.

After the lab finalizes the request, you will receive another email prompting you to view and finalize it on your end. Clicking the button will redirect you to the MAP portal so you can finalize the request, as seen below.

Once finalized by both parties, the lab will be added to your MOMS network and you can perform specimen collections for their patients. Depending upon the payment structure of the lab (patient-pay vs. lab-pay), you may be prompted to set pricing for their collections via the notification center (example seen below).

We remind you to check the portal often, as these emails may get lost in the shuffle of your day-to-day inbox. Connecting with labs on the platform is the first thing you should do after onboarding.

Once finalized the MAP will receive another email notifying them as such. They will be prompted to finalize or withdraw the request on their end as well and receive a similar message as the above. When the request has been finalized and approved by both parties, the connection is made and the MAP will be added to your MOMS network.

We remind you to check the portal often, as the notification emails may get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of your inbox.

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