FAQ for Medical Access Points2021-12-06T14:43:08-05:00

FAQ for Medical Access Points

What is the cost to become a MAP?2022-08-05T10:20:46-04:00

There is no fee to join the MAP Network, as long as your facility meets the state’s requirements and you have the capability to perform specimen collection requirements.

How do I get paid?2022-08-05T10:29:17-04:00

Our software collects all payments on your behalf. Depending on the draw, either the lab or the patient will be responsible for the payment for the specimen collection.

If the lab is responsible for the collection, they will set the price in the portal. If the patient is responsible, your facility is able to set a price that you deem to be reasonable for your demographic area. This draw fee is shown during the patient journey, and payment information is collected directly from the patient at the time of scheduling. The system default is $25 for a three-tube draw.

Regardless of payment structure, MOMS collects payment from the respective party. At the end of each month, if your facility has performed a collection, we will write you a check for all revenue earned, less our platform transaction fee ($2.50/collection) and respective Stripe processing fee (0.029%).

How does the platform transaction fee work?2021-12-06T15:43:45-05:00

MOMS collects a $2.50 platform transaction fee per collection, less any Stripe processing fees incurred. This amount will be deducted from your revenue generated as a result of collections performed through the MOMS platform. You will receive a check at the end of each month, should you perform any collections.

Regardless of the cost of the collection, the platform fee remains a fixed $2.50.

How do I connect with Labs/Clients?2021-12-06T15:44:30-05:00

Once you join the platform, the first thing to do is connect with Labs on the network. In order to perform specimen collections for patients using MOMS, you must establish a connection with a lab(s). You can send connection requests to the lab and vice versa.

To do so, visit the Labs menu in the left-hand navigation bar. The labs that are active on the network will be shown here, and you can send connection requests by clicking the “Add Lab” button next to their information. Connection requests must be approved by both parties (the MAP and the Lab). More information about the connection process can be found here.

How will patients find my MAP?2021-12-06T15:44:36-05:00

Once you connect with the labs on the network, your facility will display when a patient in your community is in need of a specimen collection for that lab. Patients enter the zip code in which they need a collection performed and MAPs within a 30 miles radius of that zip code will populate.

What can I expect upon patient arrival?2021-12-06T15:44:45-05:00

Custom messaging informs the patient of what to do prior to arrival. MAPs are provided the lab’s specimen collection requirements in the portal.

Is my MAP responsible for providing the supplies required for the collection?2021-12-06T15:44:50-05:00

Typically, the only supplies you will be required to provide are the needles and the gauze/bandage.

Who provides the kits to the patients?2021-12-06T15:45:21-05:00

Kits usually will be provided to the patients by their provider, the lab, or shipped directly to them if they ordered it themselves. In some cases, when the volume or interest dictates, the lab may provide extra kits to the MAP to have on hand, if the MAP desires. Custom messaging created by the lab and reminders from MOMS prior to the appointment will inform the patient if they need to bring the kit with them.

If I operate multiple locations, do I have to create separate profiles or accounts for each?2021-12-06T15:45:38-05:00

Yes. In order for the labs to know which MAP to send patients to, each location must have its own profile on the MAP network.

What kind of volumes can I expect from the MOMS platform?2021-12-06T15:40:30-05:00

Our platform is growing, so too is the number of labs and clients that want to utilize our network. We are helping labs, employers, clinical research organizations, and others in need of testing access the skilled labor required to perform specimen collections. The more labs or clients you connect with, the more opportunities you will have to perform collections for those in your community that have a need.

We also offer mobile phlebotomy, can we promote that?2021-12-06T16:34:23-05:00

You can promote that service, and others, as part of your MAP listing on the MOMS platform. We also have our mobile phlebotomy directory for companies that offer the service to be considered when a draw is desired in your coverage area. More information can be found here.

How do you communicate updates to the network?2022-01-11T15:33:02-05:00

Once your MAP becomes active, each user will be added to our weekly MAP update blast mailing list. This blast is emailed each Thursday to the MAP network and contains new Lab announcements, platform updates, and best practices for platform use.

*Please note, if you or a member of your team unsubscribes from these emails, we cannot re-add you to the mailing list. You must resubscribe via a contact us form on our website.

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