Services for Medical Professionals

Establishing and maintaining quality care

Providing outstanding care for your patients is your top priority.  Suggesting MOMS to guide them through this process minimizes frustration by connecting them with medical lab testing facilities and specialists that meet your exact Standards.

The Power of MAPs: Medical Access Points™

Doctor in lab with medical research icons

MOMS is a unique tool that eases these constraints by connecting physicians with a network of MAPs: Medical Access Points™, including testing labs and skilled medical labor.

Physicians who need specialized medical tests completed can easily get in touch with phlebotomists looking for more work. Quickly and easily request services such as:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Processing and handling of samples
  • Storage of collected samples
  • Proper shipping of samples

Having flexible, convenient access to skilled medical labor allows providers to increase their service offerings, treat more patients, and provide a higher quality of care. Additionally, medical laboratories have an opportunity to complete more tests and earn higher revenues.

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