Where Can I Get Bloodwork Drawn Near Me?

You’ve had your annual physical and your doctor has recommended bloodwork, or perhaps you have decided to schedule your own blood tests without a doctor’s order. Now what? There may be a testing location near you, but not all facilities offer the same services or appointment availability that will fit your schedule.

Regular blood testing is one of the best ways patients can take their physical health into their own hands and keep tabs on any changes. However, finding where to get bloodwork done near you can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are looking for Direct Access Testing or have a kit that was sent to you or provided by your physician or healthcare provider and do not want to use your physician’s recommended test site. 

My One Medical Source makes it easy to find lab testing services by enabling patients to search by type of lab test, zip code, appointment availability, or provider recommendation. Read our top tips for finding the best place to have blood drawn near you.

What Types of Blood Testing Locations are Near Me?

There are many different types of blood testing locations. Hospitals and emergency rooms can perform bloodwork for patients who are severely sick or are dealing with medical emergencies; however, these facilities tend to be quite expensive for the average patient.

Some (but not all) primary care providers offer onsite bloodwork. Similarly, some diagnostic laboratories can perform sample collections in addition to processing the test. 

Urgent care clinics are becoming an increasingly popular option for patients in need of lab testing. Urgent cares tend to have shorter wait times, more convenient hours, and more flexibility than other types of medical facilities that offer bloodwork.

Mobile phlebotomy service providers can perform blood draws and other lab services in the location that is most convenient for you, including your home or workplace.

Can I Just Walk In and Get a Blood Test?

Many testing locations do accept walk-in patients. However, keep in mind that not every facility offers all testing services. Walking in without an appointment can sometimes mean spending more time waiting, since there may be other patients ahead of you. 

Additionally, some labs require a physician’s lab order or note in order to process your lab test, while others do not. The best way to find the right self-directed blood testing location near you is by searching for your required test and scheduling an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Preparing for Your Bloodwork Appointment

In order to get the most out of your laboratory testing, you should speak with your physician about what test is being performed, why the test has been ordered, what the results could mean for your future course of care, and how to prepare for your test.

Some lab tests require fasting (avoiding all foods and beverages other than water) before the sample collection. Knowing this information beforehand will help you schedule your appointment test at the right time; for instance, if your test does require fasting you may prefer to have your blood drawn first thing in the morning so you can eat breakfast afterward. 

What to Expect When Having Blood Drawn

When you arrive for your bloodwork appointment, a skilled medical technician or a phlebotomist will use a needle to draw a sample of your blood. In most cases, this sample will be collected from a vein in your arm. Phlebotomists are skilled medical workers who have been trained to make your bloodwork procedure as quick, convenient, comfortable, and safe as possible.

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