How do I find lab testing near me?


How Can I Find Lab Testing Near Me? My One Medical Source makes it easy to find lab testing services near you. With a simple search function, our app allows you to search by lab test, zip code, availability, or [...]

How do I find lab testing near me?2020-10-22T14:29:12-04:00

How do I read my lab test results?


It is important to understand exactly what is being tested, and to ask your healthcare provider for clarification if you are having trouble understanding your results. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading BUN test results, TSH test results, or another [...]

How do I read my lab test results?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

What are normal values on a lab test?


With some lab tests, it is possible for healthy individuals to receive varying results. These variations can be caused by factors such as sex, race, weight, and medical history. The same individual could even receive different test results on different [...]

What are normal values on a lab test?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

How much does lab testing cost?


The cost of lab testing can vary dramatically, and may depend on factors such as the type of test being performed and the patient’s insurance plan. For patients with health insurance coverage, the copay for a lab test could be [...]

How much does lab testing cost?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

Can I get a lab test without a doctor’s order or prescription?


Maybe. In states with Direct Access Testing, individuals are allowed to order their own lab tests directly, without the need for a doctor's order or prescription. Laws and restrictions vary by state, and Direct Access Testing is not available in [...]

Can I get a lab test without a doctor’s order or prescription?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

Do all lab tests require fasting?


No. Certain lab tests (such as cholesterol tests and triglyceride level tests) do require fasting, as the chemicals and nutrients in your foods can affect test results. However, not all lab tests require fasting. Your healthcare provider will let you [...]

Do all lab tests require fasting?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

What are some things a lab test can diagnose?


Lab tests are often completed as part of a routine checkup in order to track changes to the patient’s overall health. Lab tests can also be used to: Screen for diseases or diagnose health conditions: Diabetes Kidney disease Lyme disease [...]

What are some things a lab test can diagnose?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

What kind of tests can be performed in a lab?


Lab tests can be performed on many different types of samples. Blood, urine, stool, and saliva are among the most common specimens used in lab tests. Other bodily fluids such as sputum, semen, and cerebrospinal fluid can also be tested, [...]

What kind of tests can be performed in a lab?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00

What is lab testing?


Laboratory testing is a medical procedure in which a healthcare provider collects a sample of bodily fluids (such as blood or urine) or body tissue in order to get information about the patient’s health. Lab tests can be used to [...]

What is lab testing?2020-07-21T20:56:32-04:00
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